Abbey Drake

Henderson, NC
WT:117 LBS
Arm:54 MPH
20 YD:3.47 sec
12/27/2019Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament (Prospects)  
09/19/20192019 Softball Factory 14u - Carolina Classic  
09/15/2019National Tryout Plus - Henrico (Richmond), VA  
05/30/2019Softball Factory College World Series - Futures Select Training  
03/24/2019Interactive Video Program - Greensboro, NC Play in this window
11/08/2018Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Historic Dodgertown ( Grad Years 2024-2026)  
10/28/2018Interactive Video Program - Raleigh, NC Play in this window
Abbey Drake Henderson, NC 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2024Height:5'4''Weight: 117 LBS
Primary Pos:C Secondary Pos:SSBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:Kerr Vance Academy Summer Team:Carolina Outlaws
Exit Velo 60 Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy 58.33% Broad Jump 6'7''
Grip Strength Left:   62 Right:   66   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.13 Right:   5.35  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.47 Home to 1B:    4.04 THROWING Velocity:   54 Arm Strength:   48
CATCHING Receiving:   48 Blocking:   48 Release Time:   2.2
INFIELD Fielding:   45
RH HITTINGHitting:   48 Power:   48  
OVERALL Position Projection: C | SS Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
09/19/2019 - 2019 Softball Factory 14u - Carolina Classic Abbey continues to show up and show off her great skill set. She works hard everytime she steps on the field and is a great teammate to those around her. She is engaged at all times and always ready for the next play ahead of her. Defensively, she works well through ground balls and creates good momentum through each play. She fields the ball out in front and stays strong in her base. She is fluid through her throws to first base and keeps the ball in the infield. Behind the plate, she brings great energy to her pitchers and frames each pitch well in the zone. She gets around the ball well on her blocks and pops out quickly on bunt coverage. Offensively, she is athletic in her stance and has quiet hands in her load. She activates her lower half well through her swing and keeps her barrel level through the zone. Overall, Abbey continues to grow as a player and is a joy to coach.
05/30/2019 - Softball Factory College World Series - Futures Select Training Abbey returns to another Softball Factory event displaying her strong skill set. Behind the plate, she stays low and athletic in her catching position and keeps her throws on line to her target. She gets rid of the ball quickly on her throws to bases and is smooth in her transfer. She has solid momentum through her release and is quick in her footwork. Offensively, she is relaxed in her stance and keeps her hands high in her set up. She has smooth rhythm and stays controlled in her mechanics. She is on time in her load and makes hard contact consistently. Overall, Abbey makes adjustments and is a great kid to work with.
03/24/2019 - Interactive Video Program - Greensboro, NC It was great to see Abbey again! As a catcher Abbey has a good low set up and presents her hands well. Her glove side range is agile and she frames with a solid glove. She is a vocal catcher and does well on blocks to protect her throwing hand. With more kick back of her feet to replace with her knees on blocks she will absorb them even better. She uses a short arm action to throw and by generating more momentum to her target she will increase her strength and accuracy to second base. At shortstop, Abbey has active footwork and a good glove. Her glove side range is strong. She uses a clean exchange and short arm action to throw. Her throws to first base are on-line and accurate. With more momentum to her target and backside follow through after her release she will increase her strength. Offensively, Abbey has fluid rhythm in the box. Her stride is short, soft and on-time and she uses a firm front side at contact. By increasing the momentum with her hips and hands to contact she will improve on her power and consistency. Overall, Abbey has a great happy attitude and is very coachable. As she continues to work hard she can be a valuable player.
11/08/2018 - Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Historic Dodgertown ( Grad Years 2024-2026) Abbey Drake is a catcher/short stop with a great work ethic and athletic presence. She is an agile catcher with soft firm hands. Abbey has a quick, clean exchange with fluid arm action. Her throws to second base are consistently accurate and have good backspin. When she incorporates more front side pull into her throw she will increase her arm strength and pop time. As a short stop she has quick feet and agile range. She has a clean exchange and her throws are accurate. With a lower fielding position and attacking the ball out front she will be able to increase her quickness on the exchange. At the plate, Abbey has an athletic balanced stance. With more load and lower body drive she will create more bat speed and consistency. Overall Abbey is very coachable and has an advanced skill set.
10/28/2018 - Interactive Video Program - Raleigh, NC Abbey is a 2024 two- way player as a SS/C. In the box, Abbey is a RHH that uses a square stance with centered balance and short stride. She creates smooth rhythm with a back load. She is able to put the ball in play and shows spray power. Working to engage her lower half and extend through contact will allow her to see more power production. At SS, Abbey is an athletic player. She has active footwork and moves well to her glove-side. She fields with soft hands and makes accurate throws to her target. Being short and quick with her transfer will allow her to get rid of the ball faster. Behind the plate, Abbey uses a low and square set up. She presents a good target and does a nice job of framing the zone. She makes a clean transfer and makes accurate throws to her target. Working to gain ground on her throws to 2B will allow her to get more momentum behind the ball. Overall, Abbey is a hard working player that will continue to develop her skill set with more reps and game play.