Abby Mondy

Lafayette, LA
Commitment: Louisana State University - Eunice
WT:125 LBS
Arm:60 MPH
05/17/2014College PREP - New Orleans, LA Play in this window
01/17/20142014 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
05/11/2013College PREP - New Orleans, LA Play in this window
Abby Mondy Lafayette, LA 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2015Height:5'5Weight: 125 LBS
Primary Pos:SS Secondary Pos:OFBats:LeftThrows: Right
High School:Lafayette High Summer Team:LA Pride 18U
Exit Velo n/a Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy n/a Broad Jump n/a
Grip Strength Left:   0 Right:   0   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   0 Right:   0  
RUNNING Home to 1B:    3.00 THROWING Velocity:   60 Arm Strength:   45
OUTFIELD Fielding:   45
INFIELD Fielding:   45
LH HITTING Hitting:   45Power:   42Slap:   45Power Slap:   50  
OVERALL Class Rating: 6 Position Projection: SS | OF Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
05/17/2014 - College PREP - New Orleans, LA Abby continues to develop into an athletically charismatic SS and OF. Defensively, she understands the demands of both positions well. She has a natural ability with a well balanced skill set that drives her to become better with every outing. As a SS, she has a quick, accurate arm with excellent arm strength, polished glovework and good lateral movement. Working on an athletic pre-pitch position, remaining in an athletic fielding position from receiving to throwing and softer hands on backhand balls will help to improve efficiency. As an OF, she strong arm and good angles help her to get to her powerline quickly. Working on finishing the throw and a more athletic arm slot will help to improve efficiency. Overall, Abby has a confident approach to playing defense. As a hitter, she uses a square set up with a back load and short bat path and keeps her balance centered before producing hard contact. She shows good power and pop and will benefit from implementing a consistent stride and load to improve power on contact, ultimately allowing her to access the entire field effectively. Overall, Abby has a good frame for both positions and solid athletic ability to help aid in her continued development as a player.
01/17/2014 - 2014 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Abby is a junior shortstop / outfielder that was selected to play in the Pre-Season All-American game. At shortstop, Abby has an on time and presentable fielding position. When receiving the ball, Abby has smooth, clean hands and plays through the ball. She takes good angles to the ball and has playable range. In the outfield, Abby has a square fielding position with active footwork. She is an aggressive fielder and hustles to the ball. Abby will benefit from taking better angles to the gaps. Offensively, Abby uses an athletic and open setup, smooth load, and short stride to make a positive move to the ball. She has a slightly uphill swing path and consistently makes solid contact. When slapping, Abby looks very fluid and comfortable. She does a good job of staying on top and through the ball. Overall, Abby is a very fast player that will continue to develop.
05/11/2013 - College PREP - New Orleans, LA Abby is an athletic SS/OF with a steadily developing skill set. As a SS, she is a soft sure handed defender with fluid footwork and agile range. An accurate thrower, she gets around the ball well, approaches the ball with low hips and will benefit from adding a pre pitch prep step to improve 1st step off the bat, lowering her arm slot and playing on the balls of her feet. As an OF, she has the same soft hands and ability to make accurate throws but needs to work on playing lower and cutting down the number of steps it takes to get a throw off. She catches the fly balls at the top, is aggressive off the bat and should continue to work on keeping her feet active and playing through the ball while staying in line. At the plate, Abby uses an open stance and an aggressive approach to pressure opposing defenses. She stays on the pitcher well, displays good bat control and should continue to work on her pitch selection to improve discipline. She hits the ball hard with sharp barrel accuracy and will benefit from seeing the ball deeper, using her lower half more aggressively and keeping her hands up before launching through the zone to improve swing path. Overall, Abby is a solid young player with a lot of potential and some very natural instincts on both sides of the ball, she should continue to seek quality instruction and opponents to ensure she is being both pushed and properly developed.