Ashley Schaefer

San Antonio, TX
Commitment: North Central Texas College
Arm:57 MPH
20 YD:3.41 sec
01/16/20152015 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
06/23/2014Softball Factory World Series  
11/24/2013College PREP - Houston, TX Play in this window
01/05/2013National Tryout - San Antonio, TX  
Ashley Schaefer San Antonio, TX 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2017Height:5'7Weight: 0 LBS
Primary Pos:RHP Secondary Pos:1BBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:LOUIS D BRANDEIS HIGH SCHOOL Summer Team:Texas Slams
Exit Velo n/a Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy n/a Broad Jump n/a
Grip Strength Left:   0 Right:   0   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   0 Right:   0  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.41 Home to 1B:    4.06 THROWING Velocity:   57 Arm Strength:   45
INFIELD Fielding:   45
PITCHING Control:   45 Delivery:   45 Arm Action:    45
  FB MPH-Range:55 - 55  
  CR MPH-Range: 51 - 55  
  CH MPH-Range:44 - 45  
  SC MPH-Range:52 - 54  
  DR MPH-Range:48 - 48  
  RS MPH-Range:50 - 52  
  OTH MPH-Range: 52 - 54  
RH HITTINGHitting:   48 Power:   48  
OVERALL Position Projection: RHP | 1B
01/16/2015 - 2015 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Ashley is a 2017 RHP with a well-balanced skill set. On the mound, Ashley is a tough competitor with great presence and composure. She uses a four pitch package to challenge hitters with her curve and drop being her best. Working on keeping her fingers behind the ball at release will eliminate cupping as well as increase velocity and control. Offensively, she uses a square set up and maintains good balance throughout her swing. Ashley's strong bottom hand and good bat speed helps her make strong and consistent contact with the pitch. Overall, Ashley is a good kid with great work ethic and attitude with skills that will transfer to the next level.
06/23/2014 - Softball Factory World Series Ashley continues to refine her skill set as a RHP and 1B with eagerness. In the circle, her mound presence sets a tone for approaching hitters. Her mechanics and pitching arsenal make her a competitor on the field. Continuing to finesse individual pitch spins/snaps and increasing pitching workouts will help to improve accuracy, movement and endurance. As a 1B, she makes accurate throws, fields with confident glovework, has fluid footworrk, and remains in an athletic position from stat to finish. Working on lateral movement to forehand/backhand balls will help improve routes/range. Overall, Ashley communicates well on the field and makes adjustments quickly. As a hitter, she produces consistently hard contact to various fields. Her mechanics are solid as she aggressively attacks the ball to generate solid base hits making her a force to be reckoned with offensively. She shows good power and will benefit from an explosive lower half and timing to improve power on contact, allowing her to be a more effective hitter. Overall, Ashley has a natural athleticism and hunger for the game that she naturally sets a tone on the field. She will be an asset to any program as she has the drive and athletic ability to continue her development as a player.
11/24/2013 - College PREP - Houston, TX Ashley is a young, talented freshman that can contribute on the mound, in the field, and offensively. On the mound, Ashley has an athletic stance with smooth rhythm combined with good control and delivery. Working on her leg drive will help her with her overall velocity and movement. At first base, Ashley has a strong athletic body and good pre pitch presence. Working on fielding the ball more out in front will help her overall fielding abilities. Offensively, Ashley uses a square setup before making a positive more to the ball. Working on maintaining center balance and keeping her hands inside the ball will help her to become a well-rounded consistent hitter. Overall, Ashley has a good build for both positions and she will continue to grow and develop.