Bonnie Jean Tijerina

Laredo, TX
Commitment: Our Lady of the Lake University
WT:155 LBS
Arm:62 MPH
11/21/20142014 UA Softball Factory Fall Showcase - 18U Gold Participant  
11/19/2014Softball Factory Fall Classic  
01/17/20142014 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
12/27/2013Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament  
10/23/2013Ronald McDonald Tournament - 16U  
06/24/2013Softball Factory World Series  
01/05/2013College PREP - San Antonio, TX Play in this window
Bonnie Jean Tijerina Laredo, TX 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2016Height:5'8''Weight: 155 LBS
Primary Pos:1B Secondary Pos:Bats:RightThrows: Right
High School:United High School Summer Team:Softball Factory 18u Gold
Exit Velo n/a Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy n/a Broad Jump n/a
Grip Strength Left:   0 Right:   0   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   0 Right:   0  
RUNNING Home to 1B:    3.28 THROWING Velocity:   62 Arm Strength:   55
INFIELD Fielding:   55
RH HITTINGHitting:   55 Power:   58  
OVERALL Class Rating: 3 Position Projection: 1B
11/19/2014 - Softball Factory Fall Classic Bonnie is an athletic 2016 first baseman with a strong and advanced skill set. Defensively, Bonnie has an athletic, ready and out in front fielding position. She receives the ball with soft and sure hands. Bonnie has a smooth transition, good release, and fluid motion when throwing. She has proper footwork and moves quickly from side to side. By working on being smooth with her stretches, Bonnie will increase her range. Offensively, Bonnie uses a square setup, active load and short stride to make a positive move to the ball. She has on time rhythm and maintains good balance while driving through the ball. Bonnie takes a direct route to contact and has good coordination between her hips and hands. Bonnie has excellent bat speed and barrel accuracy, which increases her base hit consistency. Overall, Bonnie is an athletic kid that will continue to work hard to reach the next level.
01/17/2014 - 2014 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Bonnie is a sophomore first baseman that was selected to play in the Pre-Season All-American game. Defensively, Bonnie has a low and out front fielding position. When she is receiving the ball, she has sure and clean hands. Bonnie has active and fluid footwork with agile range and quick pivots. Bonnie has amazing presence on the field and will benefit from playing through the ball more frequently. Offensively, Bonnie uses an athletic setup with a smooth load and short stride to make a positive move to the ball. Bonnie has an explosive lower half and maintains centered balance when swinging through the ball. She makes consistent contact and has solid extension through the zone. Bonnie is a strong player offensively and defensively and will only continue to develop as a player.
12/27/2013 - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament Bonnie is a very solid and athletic first baseman with an advanced skill set. Defensively, Bonnie has an athletic and low fielding position with sure and firm hands. She has fluid footwork with agile range. Bonnie uses one hand to push through the ball smoothly. She is an aggressive player that will get the job done. Offensively, Bonnie has an athletic and slightly open stance with a backwards load with short stride. She maintains centered balance and has explosive bat speed with leads her to consistently make hard contact. Bonnie has great field presence and looks fluid and smooth with everything she does. By slightly adjusting her barrel angle on different pitches, Bonnie will notice a change in her production. Overall, Bonnie is a very athletic player that asks many questions and continues to get better.
10/23/2013 - Ronald McDonald Tournament - 16U Bonnie Jean returns to SF for another PD event as a talented, well-balanced 1B. Defensively, she has a natural stature and athleticism for the position, uses quick, active footwork to various balls as she covers much ground and quick, efficient feeds. Working on timely stretches to ball will help her to improve efficient plays when runners are on base. Overall, she communicates well with her teammates on the field and has a confident approach to playing defense. At the plate, she uses an athletically balanced set up with a smooth load, centered stride and keeps her balance stable to produce hard, consistent contact. She shows good power for long-ball and will benefit from trusting her natural skill set and staying mentally composed to improve hitting efficiency, ultimately allowing her to access the entire field effectively. Overall, she is a leader on the field with good presence and necessary components to be competitor and has a solid athletic ability to help aid in her continued development as a player.
06/24/2013 - Softball Factory World Series Bonnie Jean continues to develop athletically with maturity. Her athleticism, talent, and eagerness to learn set a tone on the field. As a 1B, she has an athletic fielding position with good presentation, confident glovework, decent range, and quick feeds. Continuing to focus on angles to various balls, staying down and through the ball, and composure towards target will increase accuracy, range, and efficiency. As an OF, she has a raw skill set with an aggressive approach, confident glovework, active footwork, and decent range. Continuing to focus on reads off the bat, routes to various balls, a quick first step, and arm strength/slot will increase range, accuracy, and efficiency. As a hitter, she has an athletically aggressive approach with natural power, explosive hands/bat speed, and hits through the ball with the lower half with hard contact as the end result. Continuing to focus on timing and bat extension on different pitches will increase power, efficiency, and whole field execution. Implementing a strength and conditioning program will increase speed, agility, power, body awareness, and coordination. As Bonnie Jean continues to refine and mature through application and experience, she will be on track for seeking collegiate attention.
01/05/2013 - College PREP - San Antonio, TX Bonnie Jean is a talented young 1B with a ton of potential. Defensively, she displays good footwork around the bag, has great energy and a projectable frame for the position. She has good range and will benefit from softening hands, strengthening arm and quickening release. At the plate, Bonnie Jean uses a closed set up with a slight hitch to load, long stride and centered balance before launching to the ball with a level swing path. She generates very good bat speed, consistently hits the ball hard and already has some feel for the bunt game which she uses to keep pressure on opposing defenses. She should consider adding a little athletic flex in her knees in the set up phase; this will improve balance and ability to drive off of the back side, ultimately improving power potential/production. Overall, Bonnie Jean has a bright future in this game if she remains committed and continues to find ways to get better/challenge herself.