Corinne Kist

Fords, NJ
WT:100 LBS
Arm:55 MPH
08/18/2013College PREP - Medford, NJ Play in this window
07/09/2013Advanced Training and Competition at the World Cup  
03/09/2013College PREP - Mt. Laurel, NJ Play in this window
Corinne Kist Fords, NJ 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2014Height:5'3''Weight: 100 LBS
Primary Pos:OF Secondary Pos:SSBats:SwitchThrows: Right
High School:Woodbridge High School Summer Team:Fords Frenzy
Exit Velo n/a Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy n/a Broad Jump n/a
Grip Strength Left:   0 Right:   0   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   0 Right:   0  
RUNNING Home to 1B:    3.02 THROWING Velocity:   55 Arm Strength:   40
OUTFIELD Fielding:   40
INFIELD Fielding:   40
LH HITTING Hitting:   35Power:   35 RH HITTINGHitting:   38 Power:   38  
OVERALL Class Rating: 7 Position Projection: OF | SS Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
08/18/2013 - College PREP - Medford, NJ Corinne is a developing athlete with potential for growth. As an OF, she has an accurate arm, confident glovework, gains ground when fielding, and gets to the powerline efficiently when throwing. As a SS, her active footwork, aggressive approach, and polished glovework increase her range and efficiency. As a hitter, she has a fundamental skill set that allows for her to be successful. Her aggressiveness and bat extension produce contact at the plate. A strength and conditioning program will also increase overall speed, agility, power, body awareness, and coordination. Corinne will be on track for seeking collegiate attention as she continues to develop and mature.
07/09/2013 - Advanced Training and Competition at the World Cup Corinne continues to develop as an athlete. Her leadership, work ethic, and position awareness set a tone on the field. As an OF, she has a decent fundamental skill set and a strong and accurate arm. Continuing to focus on arm slot, confident glovework, and fluid footwork with a controlled approach when receiving flyballs will increase efficiency and fielding success. As a hitter, she has a basic understanding of hitting. Continuing to focus on an athletic, balanced setup, a consistent stride and load, driving the hands through the zone, utilizing the lower half, keeping the front side closed, and timing will increase power and efficiency. Implementing a strength and conditioning program will increase speed, agility, power, body awareness, and coordination. As Corinne continues to develop and mature through application and experience, she will be on track for seeking collegiate attention.
03/09/2013 - College PREP - Mt. Laurel, NJ Corinne is a versatile defender whom can play either SS or the OF. As a SS, she is a hustle player with good hand eye coordination and the ability to play through the ball while staying under control. She shows some life with carry on her throws and will benefit from improving her glove position early/out front, improving footwork when going side to side and improving agility/foot speed to increase range. As an OF, she makes accurate throws, gets behind the balls in the air to play through and takes aggressive angles/routes to the ball. She will see better results when charging balls on the ground if she plays lower with her hips and gets her hands further out front so she can get strait into power step/crow hop to throw. At the plate, Corinne uses a crouched, closed set up with no load, a short stride and steady balance before she launches to the ball. She has good hand eye, tracks the ball deep and possesses an above average bunt game which allows her to consistently pressure opposing defenses. Keeping her hands inside the ball with a downhill path will improve her quality of contact, power production and ability to use the entire field effectively. Overall, Corinne is a 3 sport athlete and has the potential to develop as a softball player if the proper steps are taken to develop properly. Attention to detail in her preparation should be her focus with finding quality coaching/reps' remaining a priority to ensure her development continues.