Faith Dockery

Laurinburg, NC
Arm:39 MPH
20 YD:3.96 sec
10/28/2018Interactive Video Program - Raleigh, NC Play in this window
Faith Dockery Laurinburg, NC 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2024Height:4'5Weight: 75 LBS
Primary Pos:SS Secondary Pos:RHPBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:Scotland Summer Team:N/a
Exit Velo 36 Hand Size Small Barrel Accuracy 16.66% Broad Jump 3'6''
Grip Strength Left:   37.6 Right:   37   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.5 Right:   5.47  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.96 Home to 1B:    4.62 THROWING Velocity:   39 Arm Strength:   15
INFIELD Fielding:   18
PITCHING Control:   28 Delivery:   28 Arm Action:    25
  FB MPH-Range:33 - 36  
  CH MPH-Range:32 - 34  
  SC MPH-Range:31 - 36  
  RS MPH-Range:33 - 34  
RH HITTINGHitting:   18 Power:   12  
OVERALL Position Projection: RHP | SS Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
10/28/2018 - Interactive Video Program - Raleigh, NC Faith is a 2024 two-way player as a RHP/SS. On the mound, Faith has a calm presence with good balance. She has a free arm action, shows smooth mechanics and extends through her release. She has a controlled finish and uses her lower body well. She uses a 4-pitch package and works get ground ball outs. Working to increase her arm speed will allow her to generate more velocity. In the box, Faith is a RHH that uses a square stance with centered balance and a short stride. She has quick hands and works to put the ball in play. Engaging her lower half and extending through the ball will allow her to see more line drive power. At SS, Faith hustles every play. She has quick feet and is able to cover a lot of ground. She fields with soft hands and works to get in line with her target. Presenting her glove sooner and playing through the ball will allow her to generate more momentum to her target. Overall, Faith is a young player that will continue to develop her skill set.