Kate Borza

Pittsburgh, PA
WT:150 LBS
Arm:54 MPH
20 YD:3.07 sec
 SF All-Region Silver Extension Pack  
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05/30/2020Back to Softball Program Only - Avon (Cleveland), OH  
11/23/2019SF 2019 Fall Classic National Showcase - 16u Participant  
11/20/2019Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic - 16U  
08/05/2019College PREP - Dublin (Columbus), OH Play in this window
11/08/2018Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Historic Dodgertown (Grad Years 2019-2023)  
07/25/2018Interactive Video Program - Avon (Cleveland), OH Play in this window
Kate Borza Pittsburgh, PA info@factoryathletics.com 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2023Height:5'9"Weight: 150 LBS
Primary Pos:RHP Secondary Pos:OFBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:MT. Lebanon Summer Team:Softball Factory - 16u - Team 1
Exit Velo 62 Hand Size Large Barrel Accuracy 50% Broad Jump 5'9''
Grip Strength Left:   82 Right:   76   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.27 Right:   4.69  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.07 Home to 1B:    3.57 THROWING Velocity:   54 Arm Strength:   45
OUTFIELD Fielding:   45
PITCHING Control:   42 Delivery:   48 Arm Action:    45
  FB MPH-Range:56 - 59  
  CH MPH-Range:41 - 43  
  SC MPH-Range:52 - 54  
  DR MPH-Range:52 - 53  
RH HITTINGHitting:   45 Power:   48  
OVERALL Position Projection: RHP | OF
08/05/2019 - College PREP - Dublin (Columbus), OH Kate continues to improve each time she comes out to a Softball Factory event and is always impressing with her positive attitude. In the circle, she has great command over her fastball and locates it where she wants. She is confident on the mound and extends through well on her release. She is controlled in her pitching motion and hits her spots well in the zone. She is aggressive and attacks the strike zone. Defensively, she is quick in her action to the ball and solid in her release to her target but needs to work on staying low through the ball and getting better reads off of contact to takes proper angles to the ball in the gaps. Offensively, she is square in her set up and short in her stride. She loads back well in her lower half and uses her hips and hands well together throughout her swing motion. She makes hard contact in the gaps and stays strong in her lower half throughout her whole swing. Overall, Kate will continue to improve and show her strong skill set if she continues to have great work ethic.
11/08/2018 - Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Historic Dodgertown (Grad Years 2019-2023) Kate returns for the Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Historic Dodgertown. Since her last outing, Kate has been working hard to take her game to the next level. In the OF, Kate is an athletic player that reads the ball well. She has quick footwork and is able to track down balls in the gaps. She fields with sure hands, makes a quick, clean transfer and uses the proper arm slot to make accurate throws. Working to play through the ground ball will allow her to generate momentum to her target. On the mound, Kate works hard to generate ground ball outs for her defense. She has a confident presence and trusts her pitches. She creates good spin and movement on her screwball and her drop ball is her go to strike out pitch. In the box, Kate uses a tall stance with a short stride. She is short to the ball and generates fast bat speed. She shows good power potential and is a spray hitter. Working to extend through contact will allow her to see consistency in her power production. Overall, Kate is a coachable player with the work ethic needed to take her game to the next level.
07/25/2018 - Interactive Video Program - Avon (Cleveland), OH Kate is a 2023 right handed pitcher and outfielder with a developing skill set. On the mound, she has a confident presence and a free arm action. She is smooth in her mechanics and has solid leg drive off of the mound. In the outfield, she has soft hands when receiving the ball and a clean exchange on her throws to her target. She is quick in her transfer but needs to work on proper mechanics fielding a ball on the ground in the outfield so that she can be the most effective. Offensively, she has a square set up in the box and loads back well in her legs. She stays level through the zone with her bat path and makes consistent contact with the ball. Overall, Kate hustles hard and if she continues to work hard she will do what it takes to play at the next level.