Lauryn Brooks

Bowie, MD
WT:120 LBS
Arm:62 MPH
20 YD:2.95 sec
01/12/20182018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
03/05/2017National Tryout - Baltimore, MD  
11/20/2016College PREP - Savannah, GA Play in this window
11/18/20162016 UA Softball Factory Fall Classic - 18U A Participant  
11/16/2016Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic - 18U  
03/13/2016National Tryout - Baltimore, MD  
12/27/2015Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament  
11/07/20152015 UA Softball Factory Eastern Classic - 16U Participant  
07/28/2015College PREP - La Plata, MD Play in this window
03/08/2015College PREP - Baltimore, MD Play in this window
01/16/2015Softball Factory Spring Training at Historic Dodgertown  
09/27/2014SF Hitting Accelerated Training Weekend (Commuter) Play in this window
07/30/2013National Tryout - La Plata, MD  
Lauryn Brooks Bowie, MD 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2018Height:5'7Weight: 120 LBS
Primary Pos:CF Secondary Pos:2BBats:LeftThrows: Right
High School:Eleanor Roosevelt High School Summer Team:VA Legends - Shafer
Exit Velo 64 Hand Size Large Barrel Accuracy 62.5% Broad Jump 7'3''
Grip Strength Left:   72.8 Right:   86.2   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   4.79 Right:   4.62  
RUNNING 20 yds:   2.95 Home to 1B:    Left: 3.00  Right:3.20 THROWING Velocity:   62 Arm Strength:   50
INFIELD Fielding:   50
LH HITTING Hitting:   50Power:   50Slap:   50Power Slap:   42  
OVERALL Class Rating: 4 Position Projection: SS
01/12/2018 - 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Lauryn's dedication to the game has earned her Softball Factory Pre-Season All-American honors. Lauryn has the work ethic and leadership qualities that make her an asset to a collegiate line up. In the box, Lauryn works from the left side. She is able to battle through tough at bats and make game time adjustments. She consistently puts the ball in play and her speed makes her a tough out. At SS, Lauryn is an athletic player with great range. She fields with sure hands, makes a clean transfer and provides accurate feeds. She has a smooth double play approach and works through the bag well. Continuing to work on her arm strength will round out her skill set. Overall, Lauryn is an athletic player with the tools needed to play at the collegiate level.
11/20/2016 - College PREP - Savannah, GA Lauryn is a 2018 shortstop with an advanced skill set. Defensively, Lauryn has quick footwork and great range in all directions. She has an athletic pre-pitch movement and plays through the ball on every play. Lauryn fields the ball out in front with sure hands and makes great instinct decisions on the field. She also has great arm strength and makes on-line throws to her target. Offensively, Lauryn has an athletic box presence and takes a soft stride to the ball. She activates her hands well with her load and shows good balance throughout her swing. Lauryn launches on time to contact and takes a direct route to the ball with good bat speed. She stays fluid with her footwork on slapping and works on time to the ball. By focusing more on extension, Lauryn will become more consistent at the plate. Overall, Lauryn has great energy on the field and works hard at all times. She will be a great asset to any collegiate line-up.
12/27/2015 - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament Lauryn is a 2018 SS / 2B who continues to improve. At the plate, Lauryn is a slapper who hits the ball down the line. Her footwork is on time, her hands are direct, and she has good timing. She will get more pop on the ball by allowing it to travel deeper into the zone. Defensively, Lauryn is a play maker. She displays athleticism with quick / efficient foot work and on time hand separation. Lauryn does a good job of carrying her momentum through the play. She will benefit from developing a quicker transfer. Overall, Lauryn is a good kid with lots of potential. With quality coaching and individual attention she will see significant improvement in her game.
07/28/2015 - College PREP - La Plata, MD Lauryn is an athletic 2018 second baseman with a solid skill set. Defensively, Lauryn has efficient pre pitch movement. She has on time hands and fields the ball out in front of her body. Lauryn does a good job of staying low to throw and releasing with momentum towards her target. She has good body control and shows off her athleticism with her double play footwork. By working to strengthen her backhand fielding position, Lauryn will be able to take away the hit up the middle. Offensively, Lauryn slaps from the left side of the plate. She has good barrel control and does a good job of working the 5/6 hole. Lauryn works hard to make quick adjustments and will continue to develop her slapping skill set. Overall, Lauryn is an athletic kid with quick twitch attributes. She is a hard worker that wants to get better every day.
03/08/2015 - College PREP - Baltimore, MD Lauryn is a 2018 SS with a solid skill set. Defensively Lauryn has a strong presence with good field presence. Using a fluid pre pitch routine she reads the ball well off the bat and takes a good first step to the ball. Lauryn presents her glove early, looks the ball in and with soft/sure hands makes a fluid transfer. Her arm slot fits her position and she makes accurate throws to her target. In the box Lauryn has a square stance with good balance and on time rhythm. With an activated load she takes a direct route to the ball and creates good bat angle at contact. Lauryn generates good bat speed and with good barrel accuracy she is a consistent line drive hitter. Creating more of a weight transfer in her swing will allow her to see an increase in her power production. Once on the base path Lauryn is a threat with her speed and instincts. Over all Lauryn is an exciting player to watch and she will have many opportunities to play at the collegiate level.
01/16/2015 - Softball Factory Spring Training at Historic Dodgertown Lauryn is a tall 2018 shortstop / outfielder that is continuing to develop her skill set. Defensively, Lauryn has good quickness side to side. She pushes through the ball and makes accurate throws across the diamond and consistent double play feeds. She is a coachable kid that gives a ton of effort. By working on her pre-pitch setup, Lauryn will be able to move even quicker from side to side. Offensively, Lauryn uses a wide, square setup in the box. She has an active load and short timing mechanism when moving to contact. Lauryn has on time rhythm and maintains good balance throughout her swing. She works to stay inside the ball and drive everything up the middle. Overall, Lauryn is a hard working kid that will continue to improve her fundamental skill set over time.
09/27/2014 - SF Hitting Accelerated Training Weekend (Commuter) Lauryn is a young, hard-working right handed hitter. She has a square setup and soft stride. Lauryn also shows the ability to attack the softball with good balance. Offensively, she needs to continue to work on using her entire body by getting her lower half involved and driving the back knee. Lauryn can also work on adding some rhythm to her load, as well as keeping her hands level with the pitch. Overall, Lauryn is a great kid with an outstanding attitude. She brings focus to each training session and a strong desire to get better. Lauryn possesses many of the intangible characteristics that would be an asset to a collegiate program.