Maddie DeLeon

Fargo, ND
Commitment: Central College
WT:158 LBS
Arm:58 MPH
20 YD:3.66 sec
06/02/2016College World Series Select Training  
01/15/20162016 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
01/16/20152015 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
11/21/20142014 UA Softball Factory Fall Showcase - 18U Gold Participant  
11/19/2014Softball Factory Fall Classic  
02/17/2014College PREP - Stillwater (Minneapolis), MN Play in this window
10/23/2013Ronald McDonald Tournament - 16U  
08/18/2013College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Play in this window
Maddie DeLeon Fargo, ND 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2016Height:5'7Weight: 158 LBS
Primary Pos:OF Secondary Pos:LHPBats:LeftThrows: Left
High School:Fargo North High School Summer Team:Minnesota Irish 18U Gold
Exit Velo 59 Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy 40% Broad Jump 5'8''
Grip Strength Left:   78.8 Right:   84.2   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.7 Right:   5.63  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.66 Home to 1B:    Left: 3.42  Right:4.10 THROWING Velocity:   58 Arm Strength:   48
OUTFIELD Fielding:   45
PITCHING Control:   45 Delivery:   45 Arm Action:    45
  FB MPH-Range:50 - 52  
  CR MPH-Range: 51 - 51  
  CH MPH-Range:42 - 44  
  SC MPH-Range:50 - 50  
  DR MPH-Range:50  
LH HITTING Hitting:   48Power:   52  
OVERALL Class Rating: 5 Position Projection:
06/02/2016 - College World Series Select Training Maddie is a 2016 first baseman with an amazing attitude and work ethic. Maddie was unable to participate in this event due to an injury to her foot prior to the event. She continued to show her respect for the game and dedication to her teammates throughout the event while staying vocal, positive, and trying to participate in whatever she could. Maddie tried to take some reps at first base and participated in throwing progression. She is a positive force for any team she is apart of and a leader on and off the field.
01/15/2016 - 2016 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Maddie is dedicated to taking her game to the next level as she returns to Softball Factory for another event. She is a coachable player that takes instruction well and works to make adjustments to her game. In the box Maddie is a LHH with an aggressive approach. She swings the bat hard and does a nice job of staying through the ball. She is a consistent line drive hitter that is able to work the gaps. Working to stay inside the ball will allow Maddie to hit to all fields and see an increase in her power production. At 1B Maddie has a good presence and communicates well with her team. She reads the ball well out of her teammates hand and is able to pick the ball to make a close play. She shows good range and shows good footwork when breaking to the bag. Overall Maddie is a coachable player with a passion for the game and will be a great addition to a collegiate line up.
01/16/2015 - 2015 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Maddie comes to us for another event and shows that she has continued to polish her game. In the OF Maddie shows an athletic approach and does a nice job of reading the ball off the bat. With good footwork she plays thru the ground ball well and gains ground to her target. She has sure hands, makes a good transfer and makes accurate throws to her target. Maddie is a natural leader in the OF as she communicates well with her teammates. In the box Maddie has a square set up with good balance and an activated load. She shows good bat speed as she commits to every cut she takes. Maddie showed power production in games and favors hitting opposite field. Maddie is a coachable player and we look forward to seeing her play at the collegiate level.
11/19/2014 - Softball Factory Fall Classic Maddie is an athletic left-handed outfielder with a well-balanced skill set. Defensively, Maddie has a balanced ready position. She has proper footwork and has good quickness to the ball. Maddie has a fluid throwing motion, good release, and makes accurate throws to the plate. She will benefit from sprinting to get behind the ball and using her momentum to make her throw. Offensively, Maddie uses a square setup, active load and small stride to make a positive move to the ball. Maddie has ontime rhythm, and maintains good balance throughout her swing. She stays inside the ball and makes contact with a positive up angle in her barrel. Maddie does a good job of generating power from keeping her kips and hands in sequence. Maddie is a power hitter with a selective approach. By working on her consistency on the outside pitch, Maddie will become a threat to all fields. Overall, Maddie is an athletic kid with raw power that will continue to develop with hard work and training.
02/17/2014 - College PREP - Stillwater (Minneapolis), MN Maddie is a sophomore left-handed pitcher that can also play outfield and contribute offensively. On the mound, Maddie uses an athletic setup with a full arm swing to deliver the ball. She uses a curve / screw combination to attack each batter. She also has a fading change up that she uses to keep batters off balance. By developing a drop and a rise ball, Maddie will have more pitches to choose from. In the outfield, Maddie is a very confident player. She receives the ball with soft and sure hands. She has fluid footwork and transitions into her throwing position smoothly. Maddie has a quick release and an accurate arm when throwing to the bags. By working on her approach to the ball, Maddie will be able to get there quicker. Offensively, Maddie has a backwards load and short stride that she uses to make a positive move to the ball. She has a level swing and consistently hits the ball hard. Maddie has good pop off of her bat and has the ability to hit the ball to all sides of the field. Overall, Maddie is an athletic player that will only continue to develop
10/23/2013 - Ronald McDonald Tournament - 16U Maddie returns to SF for another PD event as an evolving outfielder with a balanced skill set. Defensively, she has a strong over the top arm slot, a coachable mentality and an eager mindset to finesse the attributes of an outfielder. She constantly encouraged her fellow teammates and worked hard daily to get better. Working on a more athletic fielding pre-pitch position will help her to improve routes to various ball and fluid footwork. Overall, Maddie shows excellent hustle and has a confident approach to playing defense. At the plate, she is a consistently aggressive situational hitter. She shows shows potential for power and will benefit from more fundamental repetition and a stride and load to improve power on point of contact, ultimately allowing her to access the entire field effectively. Overall, Maddie possesses leadership qualities and has a solid athletic ability to help aid in her continued development as a player.
08/18/2013 - College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Maddie is a young, hungry athlete with potential to develop. As a LHP, her mound presence and basic mechanics are solid and effective. Focusing on individual pitch spins and snaps will increase accuracy, velocity, and movement. As an OF, she has a naturally strong arm with life on her throw, an athletic build, and consistent reads to various balls. Focusing on explosive footwork to flyballs, playing through groundballs, and quicker transfers will increase range and efficiency. Maddie is a successful switch hitter with a solid fundamental base. From the right side, she produces consistent contact to all hitting fields. Focusing on a stride and load and driving the hands through the zone after contact will increase power and efficiency. As a left-handed hitter, she stays inside the ball well producing consistent contact. Focusing on an explosive lower half will generate more power. A strength and conditioning program will also increase overall speed, agility, power, body awareness, and coordination. With implementation of the above recommendations, Maddie will be on track for seeking collegiate attention.