Madelyn Synoracki

Willow Spring, NC
Arm:49 MPH
20 YD:3.51 sec
12/27/2018Softball Factory Christmas Camp (Grad Years 2024-2026)  
10/28/2018College PREP - Raleigh, NC Play in this window
Madelyn Synoracki Willow Spring, NC 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2024Height:4'8Weight: 77 LBS
Primary Pos:2B Secondary Pos:Bats:LeftThrows: Right
High School:McGee'S Crossroads Middle School Summer Team:Lady Lightning Gold
Exit Velo 46 Hand Size Small Barrel Accuracy 33.33% Broad Jump 5'3''
Grip Strength Left:   45.8 Right:   45.8   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.1 Right:   5.2  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.51 Home to 1B:    Left: 3.93  Right:4.06 THROWING Velocity:   49 Arm Strength:   35
INFIELD Fielding:   35
LH HITTING Hitting:   32Power:   28Slap:   35Power Slap:   28  
OVERALL Position Projection: 2B Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
10/28/2018 - College PREP - Raleigh, NC Madelyn is a 2024 2B with a developing skill set. In the box, Madelyn is a LHH that is also able to slap. She uses a square stance with a short, soft stride and centered balance. She loads her hands and creates fluid, smooth rhythm. When squaring up to hit Madelyn is able to work the gaps. When slapping she is direct to the ball and is able to put the ball in play. Working to be consistent with her load will allow her to be quick to the ball at all times. At 2B, Madelyn has a good presence. She has an athletic set up, presents her glove on time and fields with sure hands. She makes a clean exchange and makes accurate throws to her target. Working to play through the backhand will allow her to be smooth with her transition. Overall, Madelyn is a hard working player and with continued coaching she will be able to take her game to the next level.