Presley Walker

Lexington, TN
WT:111 LBS
Arm:59 MPH
20 YD:3.22 sec
11/20/2019Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic - 18U  
07/03/20192019 Softball Factory 18u- Jacksonville Storm Showcase  
06/18/2018Softball Factory World Series (Grad Year 2018-2022)  
04/29/2018College PREP - Lebanon (Nashville), TN Play in this window
Presley Walker Lexington, TN 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2021Height:5'5''Weight: 111 LBS
Primary Pos:SS Secondary Pos:Bats:SwitchThrows: Right
High School:Scotts Hill Hilgh School Summer Team:Lady Jaxx
Exit Velo 59 Hand Size Small Barrel Accuracy 41.66% Broad Jump 6'0''
Grip Strength Left:   57 Right:   60   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.07 Right:   5  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.22 Home to 1B:    Left: 3.35  Right:3.37 THROWING Velocity:   59 Arm Strength:   50
INFIELD Fielding:   52
LH HITTING Hitting:   45Power:   42 RH HITTINGHitting:   42 Power:   40 Slap:   42Power Slap:   40  
OVERALL Position Projection: 2B Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
06/18/2018 - Softball Factory World Series (Grad Year 2018-2022) Presley returns to Softball Factory for the Softball Factory World Series. During game play, Presley proved to be a natural leader. She is an athletic player and is willing to play where ever she is needed. Presley presents her glove on time, fields with sure hands and makes a quick exchange. She gets in line with her target and makes accurate throws with carry. In the box, Presley consistently puts the ball in play. She is able to read the defense and place the ball. Working to engage her lower half more will allow her to see an increase in her power production. Overall, Presley has a strong work ethic and will be a great addition to a collegiate line up.
04/29/2018 - College PREP - Lebanon (Nashville), TN Presley is a 2021 shortstop with a strong defensive skill set. Defensively, Presley has quick footwork and agile range. She has a strong arm and takes great angle to her glove side. Presley takes a quick first step and displays a clean exchange to throw. She has short arm action, works well with her momentum, and makes on-line throws to her target. Offensively, Presley has an athletic stance and takes a soft stride to contact. She loads well and has fluid rhythm to contact. Presley stays balanced throughout her swing and works together with her hips/hands. She has fast bat speed and makes consistent contact to the gaps. Presley gets on plane early and works through the ball. She is also able to slap from the left side with controlled footwork. Overall, Presley is a good athlete that will make a good asset to any lineup.