Savannah Futch

Camilla, GA
WT:170 LBS
Arm:55 MPH
20 YD:3.41 sec
11/20/20152015 UA Softball Factory Fall Classic - 16U A Participant  
11/18/2015Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic - 16U A Red  
12/27/2014Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament  
11/21/20142014 UA Softball Factory Fall Showcase - 16U A Participant  
11/19/2014Softball Factory Fall Classic 16U  
07/09/2014College PREP - Tallahassee, FL Play in this window
Savannah Futch Camilla, GA 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2018Height:5'7''Weight: 170 LBS
Primary Pos:LHP Secondary Pos:CBats:SwitchThrows: Left
High School:Sherwood Christian Academy Summer Team:Softball Factory 16u A Black
Exit Velo 58 Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy 40% Broad Jump 5'1''
Grip Strength Left:   73 Right:   69   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   6.13 Right:   5.71  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.41 Home to 1B:    Left: 4.30  Right:4.14 THROWING Velocity:   55 Arm Strength:   40
CATCHING Receiving:   0 Blocking:   0 Release Time:   
PITCHING Control:   42 Delivery:   42 Arm Action:    42
  FB MPH-Range:54 - 56  
  CR MPH-Range: 52 - 53  
  CH MPH-Range:45 - 46  
  SC MPH-Range:50 - 54  
  DR MPH-Range:53 - 50  
  RS MPH-Range:48 - 50  
LH HITTING Hitting:   45Power:   45 RH HITTINGHitting:   42 Power:   45  
OVERALL Position Projection: LHP Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
11/18/2015 - Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic - 16U A Red Savannah returns to Softball Factory to show her dedication to the game. On the mound Savannah showed she is a player that can make adjustments and work through tough situations. Her curve ball is her strongest pitch and allows her to generate ground ball outs for her defense. She shows a good change of speed with her change up and is willing to throw it in tough counts. Hiding her grips will allow Savannah to keep hitters off balance throughout at bats. In the box Savannah is a strong girl that is a consistent line drive hitter that is able to work the gaps. Working to be direct to contact will allow Savannah to stay inside the ball and hit to all fields. Overall Savannah is a coachable player with the tools and work ethic needed to play at the collegiate level.
12/27/2014 - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament Savannah is a 2018 LHP with a well-balanced skill set. On the mound, Savannah is a competitive leader who can field her position. She throws strikes and uses a myriad of pitches to challenge hitters. Savannah has proper length in her landing and keeps her chest forward in her finish. She needs to work on keeping her body movements smooth at the start of her motion. At the plate, Savannah uses a square stance, maintains centered balance, and displays on time rhythm. She does a good job of keeping her weight back and staying behind the ball. She needs to work on keeping her hands inside the ball to decrease vulnerability on the inside pitch. Overall, Savannah is a hard worker with a passion for the game. With continued hard work and exposure she will have the opportunity to play at the next level.
11/19/2014 - Softball Factory Fall Classic 16U Savannah is a 2018 LHP with a solid skill set. On the mound Savannah has an athletic presence and is able to field her position. She demonstrates on time separation and is square to her target. Savannah does a nice job of commanding her pitches. She is able to work the zone well to keep hitters off balance. Her fastball and screwball are in the mid 50's and her change up drops to the mid 30's. She catchers batters off guard and produces ground balls for her defense. In the box, Savannah has a square set up with good balance. She makes hard contact and puts the ball in play. She is able to make adjustments in the box, which helps her to be a consistent contributor in the line up. Savannah has the work ethic and determination to continue to improve her game and to play at the collegiate level.
07/09/2014 - College PREP - Tallahassee, FL Savannah is a young, left-handed pitcher with a well-balanced skill set. On the mound, Savannah uses an athletic stance, smooth rhythm, and a full arm swing to deliver the ball. Savannah uses a mixture of pitches to attack each batter. Her best pitches are her fastball and drop ball. She keeps the ball in the low 50's with her change up coming in around 33 mph. By working on her locations, Savannah will become a more effective pitcher. Offensively, Savannah uses a square setup and a short stride to make a positive move to the ball. She is a strong hitter at times that maintains centered balance through contact. Savannah works line drives, lets the ball get deep, and has the ability to hit the ball to both sides of the field. She makes hard contact and will better herself by working on her consistency. By adding a load and weight transfer into her swing, Savannah will increase her power numbers. Overall, Savannah is a young, hard working athlete that will continue to develop as a player.