Sophia Butt

Fort Meade, MD
Arm:43 MPH
20 YD:3.41 sec
11/08/2019Softball Factory Select Training & Competition at Jackie Robinson Training Complex (Futures)  
05/30/2019Softball Factory College World Series - Futures Select Training  
02/16/2019Mid Atlantic Regional Softball Hitting Weekend Play in this window
10/20/2018Mid-Atlantic Regional Softball Hitting Weekend (Grad Years 2024-2026) Play in this window
08/05/2018Interactive Video Program - Ashburn (DC), VA Play in this window
Sophia Butt Fort Meade, MD 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2025Height:4'5"Weight: 97 LBS
Primary Pos:SS Secondary Pos:OFBats:SwitchThrows: Right
High School: Summer Team:Maryland Chill
Exit Velo 63 Hand Size Small Barrel Accuracy 58.33% Broad Jump 5'1''
Grip Strength Left:   46 Right:   50.4   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.34 Right:   5.38  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.41 Home to 1B:    3.97 THROWING Velocity:   43 Arm Strength:   35
OUTFIELD Fielding:   20
INFIELD Fielding:   32
LH HITTING Hitting:   35Power:   35 RH HITTINGHitting:   35 Power:   35 Slap:   32Power Slap:   32  
OVERALL Position Projection: SS Evaluations Are Reviewed By CJ Browder
05/30/2019 - Softball Factory College World Series - Futures Select Training Sophia returns to another Factory event displaying her engaging attitude on and off of the field. She works hard and has a learners attitude. Defensively, she stays on the balls of her feet and has effective footwork to the ball. She is agile in her range and fluid through each play. She fields the ball out in front and keeps the ball in the infield. Offensively, she has an open set up and explodes through the zone with her barrel. She has smooth rhythm and is short to the ball in her bat path. Sophia continues to work hard and improve both on defense and offense.
02/16/2019 - Mid Atlantic Regional Softball Hitting Weekend It was great to see Sophia back at camp! From the left side, she starts with an open athletic stance and her hands are loose and comfortable. She has a very small load and she uses an up and down stride for her timing. Sophia can hit to all fields. With even more hand load and added back hip drive and extension after contact she will increase her strength and consistency. Overall, Sophia adjusts well, is very coachable and will work hard to improve her skill set.
10/20/2018 - Mid-Atlantic Regional Softball Hitting Weekend (Grad Years 2024-2026) Sophia is hardworking, respectful and very coachable. From the right side of the plate she demonstrates her athleticism by maintaining balance through her swing. She works her hands and hips simultaneously while keeping a short path to the ball. From the left side she controls her footwork well and makes adjustments as needed. She processes information very well and works to put that information into practice. In general, she is an athletic young woman who has good movements in her swing that will work as she gets stronger and gains more confidence.
08/05/2018 - Interactive Video Program - Ashburn (DC), VA Sophia is a 2025 shortstop and outfielder with a developing skill set. In the infield, she has active feet and range to her glove side. She stays low and athletic in her fielding position and is short in her action to the ball. She fields out in front and has a good follow through on her throws. In the outfield, she stays square in her fielding position and has soft hands when receiving the ball. She has a clean exchange on her throws to her target and keeps the ball in front at all times. Offensively, she has a square set up in the box and a short stride to the ball. She is on time in her footwork when slapping and keeps a good bat path to the ball. She has the ability to spray the ball to all sides of the field. Overall, Sophia hustles hard and makes adjustments.