Summer Sullivan

Decatur, GA
WT:135 LBS
Arm:57 MPH
07/09/2013Advanced Training and Competition at the World Cup  
04/28/2013College PREP - Atlanta, GA Play in this window
Summer Sullivan Decatur, GA 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2015Height:5'4''Weight: 135 LBS
Primary Pos:RHP Secondary Pos:SSBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:Decatur High School Summer Team:G-Force
Exit Velo n/a Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy n/a Broad Jump n/a
Grip Strength Left:   0 Right:   0   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   0 Right:   0  
RUNNING Home to 1B:    3.07 THROWING Velocity:   57 Arm Strength:   38
INFIELD Fielding:   38
PITCHING Control:   40 Delivery:   40 Arm Action:    40
  FB MPH-Range:54 - 56  
  CR MPH-Range: 54 - 59 Comment:  finish at hip not shoulder
  CH MPH-Range:43 - 43 Comment:  don't slow down
  SC MPH-Range:49 - 51  
  DR MPH-Range:50 Comment:  good spin
RH HITTINGHitting:   38 Power:   38  
OVERALL Class Rating: 6 Position Projection: RHP | SS
07/09/2013 - Advanced Training and Competition at the World Cup Summer continues to develop as an athlete. As a RHP, she has a basic understanding of the position and mechanics. Continuing to focus on arm action, control, deliver, leg drive, and individual pitch spins and snaps will increase velocity, accuracy, and movement. As a SS, she has an athletic fielding position and decent range, pivots, and feeds. Continuing to focus on route to bag on steals/pick off, fluid footwork with a controlled approach, and composure will increase efficiency and fielding success. As a hitter, she has an athletically balanced setup with a short bat path. Continuing to focus on a stride and load, driving the hands through the zone, utilizing the lower half, and bat extension after contact will increase power and efficiency. Implementing a strength and conditioning program will increase speed, agility, power, body awareness, and coordination. As Summer continues to develop and mature through application and experience, she will be on track for seeking collegiate attention.
04/28/2013 - College PREP - Atlanta, GA Summer is a talented two way player whom can pitch and play 2B. As a 2B, she has good hands that will be better with work, a strong throwing arm with carry and works hard at the game. She will benefit from playing lower, keeping her tempo steady/smooth and attacking the ball while remaining under control and on line to throw. In the circle, Summer features a short quick arm swing with forward hand position out of a narrow stance with smooth rhythm throughout her delivery. She keeps her shoulders square before slightly falling to the 3B side with a recoiled finish, and should continue to work on staying direct through a complete finish to allow her to stay through her pitches. A strike thrower, she will benefit from staying behind the ball, using her legs more aggressively and working to improve her snap and spin, ultimately increasing effectiveness. At the plate, Summer uses a square set up with an arm bar to load, short stride and hits off of her front foot with a short quick swing. She keeps her hands inside the ball, stays through the ball with some extension and will enjoy added pop if she uses her lower half more actively. Timing, improving stride to be soft and short and gaining quality reps to improve experience and comfort should be the focus moving forward for Summer to continue her development. Overall, She has a steadily improving skill set and an obvious passion for the game which will aid her in her pursuit of a career at the next level.