Taryn Bennett

Sioux Falls, SD
WT:125 LBS
Arm:57 MPH
20 YD:3.06 sec
01/12/20182018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
01/13/20172017 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Play in this window
12/27/2016Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament  
08/21/2016College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Play in this window
12/27/2015Softball Factory West Coast Advanced Training  
08/16/2015College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Play in this window
Taryn Bennett Sioux Falls, SD info@factoryathletics.com 855-822-5115
Grad Year:2020Height:5'3''Weight: 125 LBS
Primary Pos:C Secondary Pos:2BBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:OGorman High School Summer Team:South Dakota Renegades
Exit Velo 65 Hand Size Medium Barrel Accuracy 66.66% Broad Jump 6'9''
Grip Strength Left:   66 Right:   73.2   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   4.94 Right:   5.02  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.06 Home to 1B:    3.52 THROWING Velocity:   57 Arm Strength:   48
CATCHING Receiving:   50 Blocking:   50 Release Time:   1.89
INFIELD Fielding:   50
RH HITTINGHitting:   48 Power:   52  
OVERALL Position Projection: C
01/12/2018 - 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Taryn's dedication to the game has earned her Softball Factory Pre-Season All-American honors. Taryn is coachable player with natural instincts to lead her team. In the box, Taryn is a consistent threat. She does a nice job of hitting the ball where it was pitched, which allows her to be a spray hitter with gap power. Behind the plate, Taryn is a vocal player. She is able to call her own game and does a excellent job framing. She has a strong arm and is on target with her throws. She was able to hit a 1.89s pop time. Overall, Taryn has the tools needed to play at the collegiate level.
01/13/2017 - 2017 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament Taryn returns to Softball Factory for her 5th event. At this event Taryn really showcased that she is an all around team player that is willing to do what is needed. During game play she worked at bats, seeing many pitches and getting on anyway she could. She proved she is able to put down the SAC bunt to advance runners. Once on base Taryn is aggressive and ready to take advantage of any opportunity the defense give hers. Behind the plate Taryn is a vocal player that is involved every play. She reads her pitchers well and calls time to help her pitchers regain composure. Continuing to work on her arm strength will round out her skill set. Overall Taryn is a coachable player with a serious passion for the game. She is the type of player that will push her teammates and herself to be better!
08/21/2016 - College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Taryn is a 2020 catcher, second baseman that continues to show her dedication and love for the game. Behind the plate, Taryn is a vocal leader for her teammates and displays good body control. She has a strong, low set-up and works hard for her pitcher. Taryn receives the ball with strong wrists and soft hands. She has good balance and blocking technique. Taryn has great footwork and has an accurate arm to her target. At second, Taryn has range from side to side and shows good pre pitch movement. She has quick feet and fields the ball out in front of her body with soft hands/ glove work. Taryn is a gamer and hustles on all plays. By working on more arm strength, Taryn will become more of a defensive threat all around. Offensively, Taryn swings hard through the zone and has a strong base. She activates her hands well with her load and engages her lower half well. Taryn stays fluid to contact with good bat speed, and extends through the ball. By working more on her hand path and barrel control, Taryn will be able to stay more inside the ball and become more consistent at the plate. Overall, Taryn is a returner here at the factory and has continued to show her improvements every time she steps on the field. She is always dedicated to taking her game to a new level.
12/27/2015 - Softball Factory West Coast Advanced Training Tayrn returns to Softball Factory to show she has been working hard to take her game to the next level. Since her last outing Tayrn has made improvements to both her 20-yard dash and home to 1B times. In the box Tayrn shows natural pop with an aggressive approach. She is a consistent line drive hitter that is able to work the gaps. Working to create a quite swing will allow Tayrn to be efficient with her body and see consistency in her power production. Behind the plate Taryn has a great presence and gives her pitcher the confidence to work low in the zone. She is a smart player and is able to make game time adjustments. Her confidence behind the plate gives her team the ability to trust her calls. Working on her wrist snap when throwing down to 2B will allow her to lower her throws and decrease her pop time. Overall Taryn is a young player that is exciting to watch and with continued coaching and exposure she will have the opportunity to take her game to the collegiate level.
08/16/2015 - College PREP - Sioux Falls, SD Taryn is a 2020 two-way player as a C/2B. In the box Taryn is a RHH that uses a square stance with good balance. She has an athletic presence and shows good hand/eye coordination. Generating good bat speed she puts the ball in play and shows line drive potential. Adding a stride and load to her swing will allow Taryn to be on time to contact and will also allow her to engage her lower half to see an increase in her power production. Behind the plate Taryn has an athletic/low stance, presents a good target and looks the ball in. She has a good idea of the zone and works to get close calls for her pitcher. She reacts quickly to balls in the dirt and is not afraid to block the ball. Getting her nose behind the ball will allow Taryn to frame the ball smoothly and will also help her to be quicker and efficient when blocking. At 2B Taryn is vocal player that is willing to get dirty to keep the ball in the INF. She has sure hands and handles the backhand well. She uses the proper arm slot and makes accurate throws to her target. Adding a pre pitch to her approach will allow Taryn to play through the ball and gain ground to her target. Overall Taryn is a young player with the work ethic and athleticism to take her game to the next level.