Elizabeth Mitchell

Coventry, CT
WT:120 LBS
Arm:64 MPH
20 YD:2.9 sec
09/18/2022Official College Recruiting Membership - Brockton (Boston), MA Play in this window
12/17/2021Softball Factory Academic All-American Tournament Play in this window
03/20/2021Official College Recruiting Membership - East Hampton (Hartford), CT Play in this window
01/15/20212021 Softball Factory Pre-Season All-America Tournament Play in this window
12/27/2019Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament (Prospects)  
11/10/2019College PREP - East Hampton (Hartford), CT Play in this window
Elizabeth Mitchell Coventry, CT info@factoryathletics.com 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2024Height:5'6''Weight: 120 LBS
Primary Pos:RHP Secondary Pos:CFBats:RightThrows: Right
High School:Coventry High School Summer Team:CT Bombers
Exit Velo 67 Hand Size n/a Barrel Accuracy 83.33% Broad Jump 7'6''
Grip Strength Left:   57 Right:   68   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.03 Right:   5.03  
RUNNING 20 yds:   2.9 Home to 1B:    3.43 THROWING Velocity:   64 Arm Strength:   52
OUTFIELD Fielding:   55
PITCHING Control:   45 Delivery:   48 Arm Action:    48
  FB MPH-Range:54 - 57  
  CR MPH-Range: 50 - 51  
  CH MPH-Range:43 - 49  
  SC MPH-Range:54 - 56  
  DR MPH-Range:52  
  OTH MPH-Range: 56 - 57 Comment:  fb 2 seam
RH HITTINGHitting:   58 Power:   52  
OVERALL Class Rating: 4 Position Projection: RHP | OF
09/18/2022 - Official College Recruiting Membership - Brockton (Boston), MA Elizabeth continues to improve her game and shows strides of reaching her full potential. She takes great angles to the ball and has a quick and clean exchange. She is aggressive and is a gamer in the outfield. Elizabeth has rhythm in the box and uses her hips well with a strong explosive rotation in her swing. In the circle, Elizabeth is explosive off the mound and throws hard. She keeps the ball low in the zone and has consistent motion and mechanics. Overall, Elizabeth is versatile and has a strong set of skills on the diamond.
12/17/2021 - Softball Factory Academic All-American Tournament Elizabeth is a 2024 graduate who pitches and plays the OF. She can handle pressure in the circle and has good leg drive. Elizabeth has a good changeup and keeps things simple. Having a lighter drag foot (no anchor) as well as staying in rhythm will increase her speed and effectiveness. In the box, she has good zone awareness and an athletic stance. Increasing her bat speed with the use of plyo balls and not collapsing her back side will help Elizabeth take her game to the next level. Overall, Elizabeth has the skill set and tools to continue improving her game on the diamond.
03/20/2021 - Official College Recruiting Membership - East Hampton (Hartford), CT Elizabeth is an athletic RHP/OF who has a promising future on the diamond. In the OF, defensive abilities are well above average as she displays smooth/clean actions. She takes proper routes/angles in tracking down balls and works to get behind and plays through with momentum to her target. Glove action is clean and presents well out front. She moves well laterally with range improving as she increases foot quickness. Throws are accurate with carry (64 mph velocity) to her target. At the plate, she continues to shine through a crouched setup. Hands are quick (65 mph exit velocity) and work to and through a level swing path. She stays inside the ball, utilizing all fields and has strength in her swing with gap to gap pop. On the mound, fastball sits 51-52 mph. Changeup sits 38-41 mph. Screw ball sits 50-51 mph. With 3 years to further develop, Elizabeth has the makings of a special type player with time and room to progress her game.
01/15/2021 - 2021 Softball Factory Pre-Season All-America Tournament Elizabeth continues to shine on the field. On the mound, she shows a repeatable delivery, allowing her arm action to work loose to the plate. She has good stride length and throws with an intent. Fastball showed a range of 47-49 mph. Changeup sits 43-44 mph with slight sink. At the plate, she continues to shine through a squared setup. Hands are quick (67 mph exit velocity) and work through an aggressive swing path. She makes consistent contact through a line drive approach with power showing best to the pull side. Mental makeup is a plus as she is very coachable, works hard to be the best player she can be, and is a team player.
12/27/2019 - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament (Prospects) Elizabeth Mitchell is a 2024 right-handed pitcher and shortstop with a developing skill set. On the mound, Elizabeth is confident, athletic, and has controlled mechanics. She battles on the mound and keeps hitters off balance with her fastball, change up, and curveball combination. At shortstop, her footwork is quick, and she is agile. Offensively, Elizabeth is a line-drive hitter who extends through with her lower half and is on-time with her rhythm. Overall, Elizabeth is a hard worker, hustles, and a team player.
11/10/2019 - College PREP - East Hampton (Hartford), CT Elizabeth is a RHP/SS prospect who will graduate in 2024. In the field, Elizabeth shows quick footwork and is agile moving to her glove side. She fields in an athletic position and makes a quick exchange, keeping her throws accurate and on-line to her target. Playing through the ball more can help Elizabeth improve defensively. At the plate, this RHH sets up in a square stance and takes a square stride. She is smooth getting back into her load and hits against a strong front side. She generates fast bat speed through the zone, leading to solid line drives. Elizabeth can improve as a hitter by getting more extension through the ball. On the rubber, Elizabeth shows great confidence and works through a controlled delivery. She works with a fluid arm and extends through her release, finishing tall. Elizabeth shows a three pitch mix with her fastball topping out at 53mph. Drop ball sits at 52mph with late movement. Changeup sits at 29mph with good movement. Preventing her arm swing from getting too high behind her head can help Elizabeth improve as a pitcher. Overall, Elizabeth is a solid prospect who has the potential to further develop her skills on the field.