Taylor Van Auken

Schenectady, NY
WT:140 LBS
Arm:54 MPH
20 YD:3.47 sec
 Softball Factory All-Region Training - All-In Membership  
06/25/2019College PREP - Clifton Park, NY Play in this window
08/05/2018National Tryout - Albany, NY  
09/30/2017FDI Softball Hitting Accelerated Training Weekend  
08/06/2017College PREP - Albany, NY Play in this window
Taylor Van Auken Schenectady, NY info@factoryathletics.com 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2021Height:5'6''Weight: 140 LBS
Primary Pos:2B Secondary Pos:CBats:SwitchThrows: Right
High School:Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons High School Summer Team:Rotterdam Rumble
Exit Velo 61 Hand Size Medium Barrel Accuracy 50% Broad Jump 5'9''
Grip Strength Left:   59.8 Right:   59.8   5-10-5 Shuttle Left:   5.1 Right:   5.28  
RUNNING 20 yds:   3.47 Home to 1B:    4.00 THROWING Velocity:   54 Arm Strength:   45
CATCHING Receiving:   45 Blocking:   45 Release Time:   2.17
INFIELD Fielding:   52
LH HITTING Hitting:   42Power:   50 RH HITTINGHitting:   42 Power:   50  
OVERALL Position Projection: 2B | C
06/25/2019 - College PREP - Clifton Park, NY Taylor returns to another Softball Factory event displaying her great work ethic and attitude. Behind the plate, she continues to have active feet and gets over the top of the ball well on her blocks. She is smooth in her release and has good follow through on her throws. She keeps her elbow inside when she receives the ball and pops out quickly on bunt coverage. At second base, she has fluid footwork and range to both sides. She stays low through each play and comes through with solid momentum. Offensively, Taylor has a square set up and keeps her barrel level through the zone. She needs to work on her weight transfer through her swing and make use of her lower half more so that she can create maximum pop in her contact. Overall, Taylor is very coachable and will do what it takes to reach her goals.
09/30/2017 - FDI Softball Hitting Accelerated Training Weekend Taylor has a great attitude and work ethic. Offensively, she stayed square in the box and had an on time stride to the ball. She kept herself balanced and center in the box and has a good eye for the strike zone. She makes solid contact but by focusing on the separation in her hands and not having them so closed off and close to her body she will start to see more consistent, hard hitting. She worked on her hands and adjusted well. Overall, Taylor is an athlete that will work hard and do what is needed to take her game to the next level.
08/06/2017 - College PREP - Albany, NY Taylor is a 2021 C with a balanced skill set. In the box she is a RHH that uses a tall stance with good balance and a square stride. She works to put the ball in play and shows a good finish allowing her to see line drive power. Working to generate more bat speed will allow Taylor to see an increase in her power production. Behind the plate, Taylor is a vocal player. She works hard every pitch and does not hesitate to make the throw to check runners. Working to square her stance to the pitcher and create more balance will allow Taylor to get behind the ball when receiving and blocking. Overall, Taylor is a passionate player and with continued hard work she will be able to take her game to the next level.